I live and paint in the West of Ireland where, in place names and in natural features, mythology and legend have become part of landscape itself.

Finn and the Red Woman

Over the years I have always enjoyed exploring the imaginative through art but was never satisfied with my means of expression. I concentrated instead on direct observation.

Paradoxically, this close study of the visual led directly into the imagined. What I observed and painted was the West of Ireland and what I gradually came to realize was that these same locations were celebrated in Ireland's ancient mythology. Specific landscapes where I live and paint were associated with specific legends.

The Red Woman and Finn feasted at Knockaree, the hill still dominating Sligo Town. Mad Sweeney was transformed into a goose at Lough Dagee. Lough Corrib burst forth from beneath the feet of Mannan Mac Lir.


Unforced, the twin worlds of observation and imagination merged. The poetry of myth alive in the landscape of Ireland can still reach us.

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