"New-December" Exhibition

at The Hyde Bridge Gallery, Yeats Memorial Building,

Hyde Bridge, Sligo

.....from 7th December to 17th December 2016

An exhibition by Fergus Lyons of recent Sligo landscapes and other oil-paintings. Also includes pencil, ink and watercolour studies.

Along with these new works, the exhibition includes a partial re-hang from the previous Hyde Bridge Gallery show " To Sligo - and Beyond " by Fergus Lyons. 

"A sentient being, embodied and living on a lump of matter, lost in infinite space, at some stage my eyes opened and I was forced to considered this, unsettling, human predicament. I tried to arrive at some plan as how best to respond. I could, of course, refuse to cooperate and stay on in the bed, but maybe I could get a job, with a shovel, in philosophical construction ? My decision, finally, was to take up the paint brush and start painting. This is the road I'm on now. In relation to drawing and how it underlies a finished painting, these thoughts, I imagine, have something to do with the process of construction. Drawing being one route to consider."

....... Fergus Lyons

'Ben Wiskin'  oil on canvas 107cm x 122cm
'The Hawk's Well' oil on canvas 91cm x 102cm
Ox Mountains - Ladies Brea  oil on canvas 61cm x 91cm

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